About Us

Inventor.Network is founded in January 2, 2015 by Premdeep Singh. The mission of the network is bringing inventors and innovators community at one platform, provide them opportunities for education and networking with other inventors, mentors, direct links to spread their ideas to the public, connect them with business corporations, provide resources for more development for their inventions.

Huge community of people passionate about new inventions, innovations and ideas, Invention.Network is one of the fastest growing network. Network has members from all over the world including America, Europe, Asia and Australia.

We are interested in inventors and innovators around the globe who can demonstrate inventions for positive impact on humanity. Soon, we are going to organize the educational events, projects and share between other members of network.

We are always seeking new members who can established their invention.network groups at local level. If you are interested in starting a local invention.network chapter in you area or affiliating your existing group with our network, please contact us.

Inventor.Network has big plans. Soon, Inventor.Network print as well as electronic magazine will be published. We will cover all medium of information and do not want let a single inventor hidden due to lack of information and resources. We will bring their inventions/innovations in front of world, assist them to manage their ideas, provide resources for more inventions.

Basically, we will help them in all the way. More things are coming soon.