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Category: Energy

Max Loughan – 13 Years Old Inventor Have Dreams To Change The World

Max Loughan, A 13 years old inventor says he will make a difference and change the world with his inventions….

Billions In Change – Manoj Bhargava on Invention.Network

Version 2 (2017) Version 1 (2015) Manoj Bhargava’s 5-Hour Energy weathered some negative publicity this past year. In 2012 the…

Walk and Charge Cell Phone Invented By Kishan Kalolia – Invention.Network

Kishan Kaloliya, an engineering student from Rajkot, Gujarat, India has invented an Walk and Charge device. The device will be…

Electric Power Generator Without Any External Input – Invention.Network

A Open Challenge for Engineers An inventor, invented electric generator which require no external input to run and generate electricity….

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