Futuristic Bicycles You May See In Near Future

24/7 City Pedelec by Philipp Guenther

247_city_pedelec_by_philipp_guentherPedaling your way around the town or city is considered to be the most eco-friendly and health-friendly option of commuting. No doubt about that. However Philipp Guenther intends to pep this two-wheeled ride with more comfort and style too. And the result is 24/7 City Pedelec. It is designed to be a temporary vehicle for transit commuters and tourists in urban areas. A supportive hybrid motor (Bionx) helps to relax the otherwise effortful pedaling. Also boosting the concept of bike sharing traveling, this bike is fitted with an integrated RFID chip. Such a user-friendly RFID technology also makes payment and customization easier. Shaped out of eco-friendly thixomoulding technology, the process will help to roll out a lightweight magnesium structure. Also it earns more green brownie points as the magnesium parts are also 100%-recycleable. Source: greenlaunches.com

iBike By Apple Inc.

ibike_by-Apple-IncWhat goes on in an individual’s mind while designing a portfolio is quite difficult to comprehend; did Venezuelan designer Juan Pablo Zamora want to cash in on the Apple fame? Did he want create his take on the company, or is it a convenient piggy-back? It’s a tough spot, but I guess, the way designers are going about spoofing just about any thing with a big company name logo, makes me wonder about the inspirations? The iBike clearly wants to hitch a ride on the Apple name, thus the glowing logo on the black bike. However, giving the devil the due, it’s an interesting concept. I love the wheels of the bike; Juan has done a good job, doing away with the spokes. Source:designlaunches.com