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If you think that boarding a plane is the only way to fly - then you're mistaken. Adventure sports reached to the new level with JetMan. The new innovative venture by XDubai has proven this old school thinking and settled new milestone in action sports. Jetman Yves Rossy and his protege explored the new way to break the limit and invented new way to fly the real dream to be completely free in the sky.

A professional swiss pilot, Yves Rossy sought to move out of the cockpit in the continuous pursuit of flight through innovation and ingenuity to achieve mankind's dream of engine-powered flight for humans. He experimented the ways to increase flight time which brought him a new innovative way to fly without sitting in the cockpit - called Sky Surfing and wingsuiting.

His never just settle down and always more, better mentality took him to develop his first real wing comprising a rigid harness integrated into inflatable wing panels that he strapped to his back.  He learned to maintain and gain altitude by improving efficiency with a rigid wing and propulsion.

Yves used model jet turbines, first two of them allowed him to maintain flight level in 2004 and then added two more, total four of jet turbines which helped him to conduct longer flights over the Swiss Alps, the English Channel, the Grand Canyon and other iconic locations.

“I truly believe that flying is a part of my DNA. Even as a pilot, flying military and civilian aircrafts, I always had a dream of flying free in the open skies, because that is where you can truly be free… I want to make possible what humans have only been dreaming of and I believe that Dubai provides the right environment and infrastructure for me to achieve this.” 

Vince Reffet, well-known Skydiver comes from family of skydivers and multiple Freefly World Gold Champion is also part of Yves Rossy's Jetman team and getting training since 2009.


  • Speed on ascent is about 180KM hour
  • Average speed is about 200KM hour
  • Speed on descent is about 300KM hour
  • Total weight = 55 KG
  • 2 meter wingspan
  • Total thrust = 22 KG
  • Flight time 6 to 13 minutes
  • 4 JetCat P200 Engines





Yves RossyVince Reffet