The Battery Which Can Last Forever Invented At University of California

What if the battery lasted forever. Could power our car, Power our home and change. At the University of California, Irvine we're counting on. You see, a chemistry student Mya Le Thai has developed a technology that could potentially help of battery hold unlimited charges.

While experimenting in the lab, she made a remarkable discovery that will have a huge impact on future energy consumption. By coating the gold Nano wires enough in jar, the filaments of the capacitor retain their properties under hundreds of thousands of charges. Call it a hunch. Call it the accident. We call it the power of. When you're given the opportunity to explore and follow your convictions. When dedication and inspiration cross the paths then amazing things will happen.

The days of replacing any kind of battery every few months or even every few years could one day be a thing of the past the research team along with lead scientist me a league high discovered a battery technology that could lead to a battery life that lasts forever or at least a really long time. The batteries tend to stay after being useful a few months to a year and we're trying to figure out why that happened. If we have knowledge of how it has been then maybe we can find a solution to prevent it. That is how this discovery came into play.

The Lead Scientist Mya Le Thai and the team have been testing out the charging cycles of nano wires which are tiny conduct of wires embedded in these plates the nano wires or super fragile usually crack after a certain number of charging cycles. A normal cell phone battery could last for about two thousand cycles for about. The new battery can last up to two hundred years. It may be several years before we see this battery technology on store shelves as the team/ continues to improve the device.