The Real Revolutionaries – The Story of ‘Silicon Valley’

The-Real-Revolutionaries Documentary

"The Real Revolutionaries" is the story of technology savvy eight men who established the wave of Digital Age and build global technological hub Silicon Valley from scratch. This is the story of determination, jealousy, professional pride and converting impossible into possible. William Bradford Shockley Jr., an American physicist and inventor, Robert Norton Noyce, nicknamed "the Mayor of Silicon Valley," co-founded Fairchild Semiconductor, the two very different men and others had dreamed about something unprecedented and achieved that. The Story of 'Silicon Valley'.

Robet Noyce, Gordon Moore and rest eight were brought together to inventor and develop important Military components. The fusion of different mind and intelligence became the driving force to build the Digital Age. The Fairchild Eight reinvented the American Technology Dream for something extra-ordinary and big. Then something happened which changed the world of technology, Electronics in particular. Noyce and Moore founded the Intel, the only technology company which has true monopoly in the world of computer semiconductors.

Today, there are almost as many transistors produced in the world market as there are printed characters in all the newspapers, books, magazines and computer pages combined. The Real Revolutionaries is the last great story of the American West.

Initial release: February 25, 2010
Director: Paul Crowder
Screenplay: Mark Monroe
Producer: Morgan Sackett
Cinematography: Eli Adler
Executive producers: Joe Mendoza, Martin Noufer