Tips To Being A Successful Inventor

How To Become Successful Inventor?

1. Follow Your Passion - Converting your idea from concept into real form required lots of energy and commitment. It is very important that whatever you pursue you should have passion about that, you really know about that. Just thought for few minutes is not enough. Nobody will be passionate about your idea or invention, if you are not passionate about it. To make people believe in your idea, invention or innovation first you need to believe and again, no one will believe in your concept if you are doubtful if it really need by the world or useful in real.

2. Always Ready To Learn - Inventing and bringing into the market required to learn new things. It might be law, new look or new market scenario where you want to present your invention. It can be different requirements for personal and commercial use. As inventor perspective, learning is vital as inventor/innovator.

3. Different Design - Converting from old concept also need new look and design which can stand out from other alternative products. Apple's iPod was not the best MP3 player in the market. They just analyze the functionality and gave new look to the old invention. New invention with new design is very important.

4. Accept Technology - As inventor, you are open to all technologies. If you are explaining about you idea or invention without any physical form or design then it will be very hard to explain the impact of your invention in the real world. Use the devices, instruments and tools which can helps you to explain about functionality.

5. Create Prototypes - As I wrote in point 4, you need to embrace the technology. At least, you need to design, print and if can, create the prototype of your idea. Digital prototyping one easy way by using open source or some inexpensive software available online. People are not really imaginative so they can imagine you idea and see the real impact. Your prototype will help others to understand the impact on real world scenario. It will also give you better understanding about your own idea which will help you to overcome the your invention inefficiencies.

6. Sustainability of Invention - Sustainability is one of the key factor for the success of your invention. You invention or innovation might be very useful and cheap but if market scenario is changing very fast or other alternative product/service is coming very soon which can overcome your invented product or service then no one will be interested for your idea because it cannot be profitable in long run as business prospective. If company will invest huge amount and later on somebody else is capturing the market then it is for sure investors will lose their money.

Author: Premdeep Singh
(Founder - Invention.Network)